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        Product search:
        High purity Reagent/Conventional High purity Reagent
        High purity Reagent/Electronic grade, MOS Reagent
        High purity Reagent/photoresist
        High purity Reagent/liquid crystal
        Chromatograph Reagent/HPLC Solvent
        Chromatograph Reagent/GC Reference

        Chromatograph Reagent/Ion chromatography Reference standard
        Chromatograph Reagent/GC Stationary phase
        Chromatograph Reagent/GC packing material
        Chromatograph Reagent/TLC Reagent
        Reference Standard Reagent/Conventional Reference Standard Reagent
        Reference Standard Reagent/Organic Analysis Reference Standard
        Polarography Reagent
        Environmental Analysis Reagent
        Indicator, Developer, Dye
        Biochemical reagent
        Standard solution/standard solution for
        light oil analysis

        Standard solution/standard solution for titration
        Standard solution/standard solution for
        impuritys analysis

        Standard solution/Standard solution for atomic
        absorption spectroscopy

        Standard solution/Mixed standard solution for
        atomic absorption spectroscopy

        Standard solution/Standard solution for Water

        Standard solution/pH buffer
        Standard solution/Stock solution (dry powder)
        Standard solution/Test kit for boiler water

        Ultra High purity reagent
        Educational reagent
        karl fischer reagent
        conventionnal reagent
        Rare earth and rare metal
        Bulk reagent/Conventional Reagent
        Bulk reagent/dye
        Bulk reagent/Reference standard reagent
        Environmental Analysis Reagent ---
        Name Purity Unit package
         ethanol 95%  UV pure  500ml
         carbon tetrachloride  UV pure  500ml
         carbon tetrachloride  for IR analysis only  500ml
         acetone  UV pure  500ml
         benzene  UV pure  500ml
         acrylonitrile  UV pure  500ml
         carbon disulfide  UV pure(benzene free)  500ml
         Cyclohexane   UV pure  500ml
         Dichloromethane  UV pure  500ml
         petroleum ether 60°-90°  UV pure  500ml
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